Why Someone Who Experienced Hay Fever Rash Not Allowed To Bathe?

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There is a statement which at this time is still a lips among certain people who have links with Hay Fever Rash. In addition, the problem can be said as a general case and still many of them who think that it is divided into two groups of talks, the facts and also the myths about whether a person who is suffering from fever may or not to do a shower every day for suffering his illness to always have a clean and healthy body.

hay fever rash

Many say that if someone who is suffering from the disease Hay Fever Rash allowed to bathe every day as long as they suffer symptoms in the ongoing phase. This is because, if a person does not bathe for a certain number of days which because their bodies do not support to launch all kinds of physical or non physical activity in direct contact with their body skin, it does not close the possibility of dirt that stick from the results of activities that have been done will accumulate into a tray that has been mixed with oil on the surface of body skin and face that will cause acne and prickly heat. Some of them assume the myth that a person with a fever is not allowed to take a bath because of the view.

However, some of the people still think if things related to someone who is suffering from Hay Fever Rash is not allowed to bathe is a fact. Because, you can imagine if people from the disease immediately bathed in direct contact with cold water it will potentially make their body temperature becomes hotter than before. Because, cold water used for the bath will enter into the pores of the skin and make body temperature becomes uncontrolled. Usually, a person with Hay Fever Rash who is often bathed is recommended to use warm water to help keep the body’s metabolism stable.

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