The Charm of Long Evening Dresses

Long evening dresses indeed have their own irresistible charm. They add sophistication, glamour and elegance to each and every or any occasion. Considered more formal and impressive than cocktail dresses, long evening dresses are just perfect for more special events like balls, galas, and evening weddings.

Pick the most comfortable and flattering long evening dresses perfectly fit to your figure for a wonderful look. But first, you need to learn some considerations before buying your dress.

Know your height

For a petite frame, long evening dresses frequently can be too overwhelming. Therefore, balancing proportions is essential for shorter women in choosing their long dress. Long evening dresses featuring exposed shoulders or plunging necklines will draw people’s eye to your face and upper body, hence visually will lengthen your frame.

For tall ladies who wish to shorten their frame while wearing long evening dresses, a dress with darker bottom at some centimeters will give the illusion of shorter body.

Figure out your body shape

Long evening dresses that able to highlight our body shape will definitely give you the most flattering impact. For example, ball gown will cause bulk and weight to larger frames; loose or flowing dress tend to make shapeless look to smaller figures. You may select a dress that fits closely at the waist to obtain feminine, classic look.

Pick your color

Your color decision will have effect on the garment. Long black dresses are absolutely elegant, sophisticated and mysterious, yet will look heavy on spring and summer months. You may consider a pastel dress that complements your skin tone for a breezy, delicate and feminine look during warmer days.

Select your fabric

Dress material has the feature of enhancing formality and special feel for a certain dress. For example, long chiffon dress tends to be light and ethereal with sheer look and more ideal for younger ladies. Lace has the feature of beautiful vintage appeal to any dress which will soften severe cuts and add modesty to more exposed options.

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