Taper Haircut: Two Best Conservative and Contemporary Style

When you are at the barber, you will most likely hear the term Taper haircut being used loosely. Despite how clueless you are about the haircut, you still nod in agreement when asked whether you want the haircut for yourself or not. In your defense, your barber knows about what haircut looks better on you than you do, so if they asked whether or not you would want it, your best bet would be to go with it.

But after years of mindlessly agreeing to their suggestion, you think it is about time for you to find that perfect haircut. This ultimate haircut must look good on you, and must be able to be styled to suit your personal preference. In that case, we are bringing you two taper haircut options to choose from. Whether you want something more edgy or conservative, we have it all!

Best Taper Haircut for Men

Conservative Classic Tapered Haircut

This taper haircut variation is by far our favorite taper, and it is not without a reason. Similar to majority of classic tapered haircuts, this hairstyle can be worn with added texture to achieve more contemporary look or worn forward to achieve a more conservative look. The hair is tapered short on the back side and each sides before it’s blended into the 3-inch long top. Many people love this haircut for its versatility and easy maintenance. Better yet, this is also the haircut that looks good on everyone regardless of the shape of their faces.

Low Tight Tapered Haircut

Looking for a short haircut with intricate details? Due to its incredibly short sides, this dramatic taper haircut is a job better suited for barber who are trained in short haircutting. Using a 000 blade, ask your barber to implement freehand technique to keep the hair at the bottom right before blending it smoothly into its longer top. The dramatic transition between the top, the back and sides is indeed what makes Taper haircut all the more appealing.

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