Minimize the impact of divorce on beloved baby

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Parental divorce is not acceptable, especially for children. Like it or not, the child is always the victim of a parent’s divorce. Rukhiyatauditiar This is the consequence of a divorce. Many children end up suffering and growing with a trauma because of the impact of their parents’ divorce. Rukhiyatauditiar This happens because of a parent’s mistake in caring for their child after the divorce. But if the divorce happens, Rukhiyatauditiar  you as a parent can minimize the impact of divorce on your child, with the following steps.


Reassure your little one that she will always be loved by her parents no matter what
When you and your spouse separate, the custody of the child will only be given to one of you. And this will make your child inevitably have to divide his time. Usually, when a child is separated from one of their parents, they will feel the loss of half the affection they once had. Especially if you or your ex-spouse can not take the time to meet the baby, the child will feel sad and often if the child is not yet grown, they will be very disappointed and think negetif against the situation. And this will have a big effect on child growth. For that, reassure your child that even if her parents are no longer together, she will always be loved no matter what happens.

Whatever happens do not fight in front of the child
Research has shown that children who see their parents ‘brawls are twice as sensitive as those who have not seen their parents’ fights directly. For that, even if you and your ex-spouse have split up and often still argue about parenting issues, try not to fight in front of the child. Instead show the child that even if you split up, your relationship is getting better. That way, the child will judge that his parents’ separation is the best thing that can make his parents much better.

Encourage the child to always be open in expressing his heart
Surely every child does not want his parents to split up. There will always be sadness that will haunt the days of the little boy when his parents part. Never let a child remain silent when facing a situation like this. Encourage children to talk, to always share, and always open to you parents. Let the child vent his or her feelings. If children can always reveal their hearts to their parents even if their parents have separated, and communication between parent and child can work well, this can reduce their frustration or sadness.


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Ask for family and environmental support for child happiness
Having a divorced parent will make the child feel inferior or ashamed of the surrounding environment. Work with other adults, family, neighbors, teachers and other children to always provide moral support to children and not discuss or mention the neighbor’s parting. Support from those around you, will help the child to revive his confidence and make it past the period of grief and even forget that his parents have separated.

Transform peacefully and do not sacrifice children too much
Many couples are divorced, leaving hateful. So after divorce, they seem to continue to direct weapons to fight against each other. Even if you hate your ex-spouse, do not ever sacrifice your child’s feelings. Because after all, children always need both parents. For that, throw away your selfishness and make peace with your partner for the sake of the child. No need to be good friends if you can not, just be rational, calm and keep smiling when meeting your ex-spouse in front of your child.

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