Kids Closet: Days of the Week Closet Organizer

Days of the week closet organizer usually made for kids or children closet. Sometimes kids have their own favorite clothes which they usually wear every day for a week. Parents can choose to help the kids organize their own closet by decide and separate certain clothes for certain day. Usually the kids already have their own plan for school clothes from Monday to Friday. Therefore, you need to purchase and give closet organizer that suitable for the kids and their plans.

Days of the Week Closet Organizer

You can find days of the week closet organizer at some home improvement stores. This type of closet usually has five shelves which suitable for clothes plan from Monday to Friday. The shelves already labeled with the days and it made from cotton, plastic, wood, and many more. Moreover, you can find closet organizer for kids with six or even seven shelves with complete label start from Monday to Friday and then the Weekend. Not only that, the closet also has shoes pockets on each side and on the back.

How if you already have kids closet organizer? Well, you do not need to purchase the new one since you can label it on your own. Just label each shelves, maybe you can purchase Days of the week closet organizer labels at store or you can make them on your own using paper and glue for the easiest way. If you have some plan to make days of the week closet organizer for hanging area then you can make labels using unfinished wood door hanger and chipboard letters. Days if the week closet hanger also sale on home improvement store. With this hanger you can try to hang kids dress and then label them one by one from Monday to Friday and Weekend. Ask the kids to join the project.

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