How to Repair a Plastic Pool

The plastic pools have a low cost, they are made of fragile materials that can stick easily. If this has happened to you, do not panic and do not even think about throwing in the trash because you can learn how to fix a plastic pool in no time. Remember to take out all the water to avoid possible damage before it is too late to continue enjoying it. In the How we show you how to fix your pool with little money.

You will need:

  • 1 bowl or bucket
  • 1 repair kit
  • Water
  • 1 small pen

Steps to follow:

  1. When the pool is dismantled, thoroughly cleaned and dry, it must evaluate the damage to find the most suitable solution. When you find the hole, you should put a patch using a repair kit. While you are not purchasing this kit you can use temporary adhesive tape.
  2. These repair kits or kits come with a piece of plastic that should be cut to size to fit the pool hole and glue the patch.
  3. Do not drain the pool as it could ruin your pool. The water fills the pool to form and an appropriate fit, if you drain it it is possible that later you can not use it in the future and you have to throw it in the trash.
  4. Finding holes can be a difficult task. To find them you can do a test with a basin of approximately 18 liters capacity. Fill the bowl to the top and with a little pen mark the top, then make a mark inside the pool. Wait a full 24 hours if the pool water level falls below the basin water, the leak is in the cover that covers the pool.


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