How To Prevent Sulfur Burps From The Beginning?

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Sulfur Burps is a habit that generally happens and is felt by everyone when experiencing certain things. Usually, belching takes only a few seconds with low frequency or only 3-4 times a day. However, there are some people who complain about the smell of their belchas resembling the smell of sulfur and its frequency by exceeding normal limits, or above 4-5 times a day. There are several ways that you can use the public to know how to prevent it from being sustainable the next time.

sulfur burps

The first step that can be done to prevent the occurrence of sulfur burps is to avoid excessive consumption of candy, especially chewing gum. Because, chewing gum is one of the foods that contain gas that can make your stomach bloated and allows the burping of your body. The gas that triggers the compound from the chewing gum usually comes from making a balloon from the chewing candy you do from inside your mouth. and gas that has suction to make it will collect and enter into your stomach. Therefore, it is advisable to minimize the use of chewing gum.

Then, the next stage you can do to prevent over-burp or Sulfur Burps is to do a variety of sports activities on a regular basis. This is because, if someone who frequently runs physical activity that becomes their favorite will allow for a minimal percentage of burping from within their body that causes the aroma is not tasty. Exercise is known to neutralize harmful substances from the body released through sweat, and until now has much to prove if the activity is one of the actions that help to prevent the occurrence of Sulfur Burps for some people. Various physical activities that can be done include push ups, sit ups, jogging, gymnastics, jumping rope, swimming and other types of sports.

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