How to Make a Man to be Obsessed with You

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Would you like to have a man at his feet, desperate for his company, begging for you to be him (and only him)? Wants to ensure that it only think of you, he never, ever, under any circumstances, go away or stop loving you?

Believes that this possible? There are techniques and secrets that to happen with the first or with each and every man that pique their interest in some way or at some level?

Well, for starters, that kind of promise seems to me more with those papers posted on poles with phones for those who want to “tie of love.” And if I really believe in this kind of insanity would have to conclude automatically that men are irrational.

That does not make choices that can be hypnotized by any woman at any time. Or at least by women who know certain secrets of “mooring”. And, in fact, I do not believe it.

Including, on the contrary, I bet that many men are very intelligent, aware and in tune with what they want. And your feelings can be conquered, but still there are no guarantees. And the reverse is also true. That is, relationships are alive, pulsating and need care to grow healthy.

And then, all this reminds me of the wise warning: “beware what you ask for because you might get”! More than feeding children and full of whimsy desires, you must, yes, learn to relate, learn the exercise of love. We need to train and hone the art of seduction and exchange in life together.

But bet that there is a way to get a mindlessly numb man and keep it fully manipulable, running and jumping behind you like a dog, it is to want to give up their responsibility and their ability to make love to be worth .

So I must confess: I do not know how to make a man to be obsessed with you. But I know, yes, help you become a much safer, confident and feeling highly attractive woman. A woman so good about it that knows how to make choices and rely on the dynamics of the universe.

I know teach you to tune into a delicate and adjusted with who you are to be ready for love, for the novel you always wanted but both deserve to live. Because your posture and the way to put the world will give you autonomy and power to deal with their feelings, their anxiety and desire.

After all, more than know how to make a man become obsessed with you and crawling his attention to the rest of their lives, and may even become a “punishment” if you find out it’s not that kind of relationship you still want, I think the ultimate goal of women – and men – is to be happy.

I live one day at a time freely, present, whole and entire. It is being aware of what you feel and what you want and to deserve a relationship where the two grow. And not where a handle and the other submits.

To get beyond the obsession of a man, I wish you, woman, learn to be the owner of their own history and to enjoy all the pains and all the delights of a real life. A real love. Made of choices and no tricks naked essence and consistency.

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