History of CCTV

cctv jakartaCCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a digital video camera device that is used to send signals to the monitor screen in a certain space or place. It has the purpose to be able to monitor the situation and conditions of certain places, so as to prevent the occurrence of crime or can be used as evidence of crimes that have occurred. In general, CCTV is often used to monitor public areas such as Banks, Hotels, Airports, Military Warehouses, Factories and Warehousing.

In conventional systems with VCR (Video Cassette Recorder), initially images from CCTV jakarta are only sent via cable to a specific monitor room and required direct monitoring by operator / security officer with low image resolution that is 1 image per 12.8 seconds. But along with the very rapid technological advances like today, many CCTV cameras have been using modern technology systems. Digital CCTV camera systems can now be operated or controlled via Personal Computer or Telephone handheld, and can be monitored from anywhere and anytime as long as there is communication with the internet and GPRS access.

The first major CCTV history was used in the 1940s by the US Military. To test V2 missiles a closed-circuit camera is used to monitor safety tests. This technology is advantageous because the CCTV understanding allows the clerk to watch closely, look out for defects and possible problems while staying out of harm’s way. Without CCTV problems with missiles may have gone unnoticed. Then by Siemens AG on Test Stand VII in Peenemünde, Germany in 1942, to observe the V-2 rocket launch. Noted German engineer Walter Bruch is responsible for the design and installation of this system. CCTV recording systems are still often used in modern launch venues to record rocket flights, to find possible causes of work failure, while larger rockets are often equipped with CCTV to allow images of the separation stages to be transmitted back to earth via radio communications.

In September 1968, Olean, New York was the first city in the United States to use video cameras in the business world, especially in an effort to prevent crime. Using a CCTV connected to a monitor in Olean police. The police department is at the forefront of fighting crime using CCTV Jakarta technology.

The use of CCTV then became very common in banks and stores to prevent theft, by recording evidence of criminal activity. The first place to use CCTV in the United Kingdom is King’s Lynn, Norfolk. In recent decades, the use of CCTV surveillance cameras in public spaces can further minimize the risk of crime.

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