Four Types Standard Closet Door Size

You need to know standard closet door size if you want to build the door on your own with some DIY project. Of course the basic idea is to get the right sizes for your closet organization system. You can try to measure the closet sizes first with tapes and then cut the wood material according the measurement which you already takes. Here some standard sizes for most closet doors range from small size to larger size.

Standard Closet Door Size


  1. Small size of closet door: If you want to make closet door for linen or pantry closet organization system then most of them have small size such as 24 inch wide. This size is suitable for many bifold closet door types although you may see some closet door installed in pairs and the size will doubled into 48 inch size.
  2. Standard size of closet door: For bedroom closet organization system, most sizes used to make them is 30 inch and it is valid for bifold closet door or single closet door. Moreover, this standard sizes also good to reduce floor space when you open the door fully especially if you have small bedroom size. Anyway, the standard size already served enough room for you to access the closet.
  3. Large size of closet door: If you have walk in closet organization system inside your master suite then standard closet door size which you can use is about 34 inch. This size already gave you enough room to access the closet organization.
  4. Odd size of closet door: Last but not least, there are odd sizes for closet organization system such as 28 inch door size which suitable for closet in one bedroom apartment that does not have lot of space. You can also order custom closet door by between odd size closet door and standard closet door and then make it into 29 inch standard closet door size.

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