Computer Embroidery Machine For T-shirt 4 Head

Computer Embroidery Machine For T-shirt 4 Head

You should know there are so many Bordir komputer bekasi different types of computer embroidery machines for t-shirts. The difference lies in the number of heads or often called headers. There are about 1, 2 to 20 heads. What’s the difference?

Probably will ask which one is nicer. Is the number of headers a lot or little? In this case, you must know in advance what the function of the header or head on the computer embroidery machine.
Actually, the quality of embroidery is not greatly determined by the number of heads. The number of heads on a computer embroidery machine only determines how many embroiders can be completed in a single process. So, the more the number of heads the faster the process. Jasa bordir komputer bekasi

So, if you want to order a lot of embroidery and you want the process to finish in a fast time, you can find embroidery service providers who have 20 head embroidery machine.
However, once again, quality is not only determined by the number of heads. Moreover, many embroidery brands that exist today. However, every computer embroidery machine brand has its own advantages.

Same is the case with other machines.

However, most service providers use computer embroidery machines for 4 head shirts. This is because the capital they have to spend to buy the machine is not too much. In addition, there is one more important reason. Because it only has 4 heads, service providers can perform embroidery quality control with cheaper. Different if they have to control 15 to 20 embroidery at a time.

However, that does not mean you should not choose a provider that has a head embroidery machine at 20. Usually, this machine is used by a very large service provider. They have a skilled technician and the number is very much. It is necessary to help the quality control of embroidery produced and accelerate the process of making embroidery.

How about the price? Actually, not much different between the price set. And the price of computer embroidery for t-shirts is not determined by the machine used but the quantity of embroidered t-shirts. The more your order then the cheaper the price.
So, should you just order embroidery on the services of computer embroidery makers if your order a lot. If only a few shirts that will be embroidered, it would be nice if you order in the service of manual embroidery. This is because the price is much cheaper.

Bordir komputer You can ask first to the computer embroidery service provider about how minimum orders are allowed. Minimum order is determined so that the price you must pay is not too expensive when compared with the services of manual embroidery.

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