Apparently, this is the main cause of divorce today

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Did you know that the cities in Australia set a curfew that is 17:00 Pk? Yes, so all the shops and offices have had to break off since five o’clock. In big cities, there will always be restaurants or clubs open until midnight, but certainly not for everyone. Most families there, can enjoy dinner together, and play or chat before bed.

While the big cities in Indonesia, it seems do not have such a policy. It is only natural that we see children still hanging around in the shopping center until the evening. And so many workers are spending time in the cafe, while waiting for traffic. So do couples, who have their own busyness. The presence of gadgets too, like perfecting the estrangement that occurs because seldom spend time together.

Indeed, whether past or present, fostering marriage is not an easy matter. Each with its own problems, despite the problems of family, third person, money, until the work is usually the culprit. But now, the challenges facing married couples increasingly complex. In addition to these things, many new things that could destabilize a marriage. Social media, lifestyle, as well as mass media shows such as ‘fertilizers’ that nourish household disharmony.

This is how the digital era is, when everyone is connected through a gadget. Restaurant reservation for dinner with partner, just by app. Giving flowers for wife live click florist website, courier immediately come send flowers to office wife. This is practical, and anti-ribet, but also without any physical connection. Already depart must be early, home must be more night, plus everything connected digital only.

“It is undeniable that technological advancements bring closer and closer people closer,” said Devie Rachmawati, S.Sos, M.Hum, Social and Lecturer of Vocational Communication at University of Indonesia. The temptation of affair in the present era is much easier than it was a few decades ago, due to the advancement of communication technology. Now, just go to social media page, chatting with old friends, turns on and on. This is what opened the gap for infidelity.

Infidelity itself, generally starting from the needs of the house that is not fulfilled by the couple. Either need to tell stories about everyday problems, the need to be noticed, loved, and others. Unfulfilled, they look outside. If this problem is not resolved soon, the household will disband, whether or not the technology exists.


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Devie pointed out, research in some countries says, one’s activity in social media is used as evidence in the trial of a divorce. One of them in Italy. According to The Italian Association of Matrimonials written, in 40% divorce lawsuit, someone’s conversation through WhatsApp made proof of dishonesty and infidelity.

Chairman of the association, Gian Ettore Gassani, said, “Social media encourages Italians to cheat more easily, through SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp, they exchange photos and intimate words,” he explained. This is justified by Devie. Even according to Devie, social media makes people can build relationships or cheating with 4-5 people at once.

However, Devie considers social media not the cause of the divorce. “Social media is just a catalyst, the real cause is the drought relationship between the couple,” he said.

In Indonesia, data from the Center for Religious Religious Life Research (Kemenag) said the divorce rate in Indonesia, of 2 million married couples, 15% divorced.

“It turns out that the cause of divorce in the first place is not merely an economic problem, but disharmony, because there is no emotional bonding and physical connection between couples,” Devie explained. An example of one of the causes, according to Devie, in the context of a big city is the failure of the government to build an adequate mass transportation system. This makes family members now have to leave early and come home later.

That way, the relationship with the spouse is more distant, and the time spent with people outside the home more than their own partner. Emotional bonding precisely with others. Arriving at home, the husband and wife are tired. “It keeps them isolated in their own homes, leading to the discomfort that triggers divorce,” Devie said.

Unfortunately, you can not blame anyone, neither social media, nor government policy. Because this marriage has you and your partner. If you already understand the main problem of estrangement, would not it be better if we use the gadget more wisely? Then look for ways to, your family can still spend more time

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