Advice to Minimize the Damage caused by Sloshing

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All women want to have beautiful and healthy hair, but many of them seeking solutions to smooth the threads end up hurting them. Fortunately, you can minimize the damage caused by sloshing following some recommendations.

While there are many solutions that improve the appearance of wires, several of them are not good for the health of hair.

The immense “paradox”

For a long time women used elements and components to improve the appearance of their hair , even no matter how affected would be his health.

This, no doubt, can be interpreted as a paradox, given that there is the aesthetics above wellbeing.

Board for hair

This artifact is one of the most used on the aesthetic improvement of personal image, as it can have a very satisfactory effect for most women .

So what has to do with what was said before about the “paradox”? Although it is able to great results in appearance, the board for the hair also causes a huge deterioration and gradual over the wires and scalp.

Based on that exemplifies a lot more that was said: many people prefer to look good, no matter the deterioration of hair health.

Beyond the “paradox” also arises a sort of division between people who do not use board for hair and they wear. The worst thing is that both sides have strong arguments, which makes it much more complex.

If this system attacks the hair well-being, as their use is justified? To know the answer, you must abide by a series of advice to minimize the damage caused by sloshing. Check it!

Advice to minimize the damage caused by sloshing

Use the excess things will always represent a risk to the body, and cosmetics or implements aesthetic are no exception. So it is with the board for the hair.

The following advice will be of great help if you are of those people who often use this artifact.

1. Protect your scalp

The number one advice revolves around the protection of the scalp , one of the regions most vulnerable skin in the body.

In addition to weakness, heat emanating from the board is very strong, which can cause burns, dryness and high probabilities of the wires become brittle.

Therefore, use special products to protect the scalp is advice that should be heeded forever. And there are many of these products.
The ideal is to approach an expert on the topic to advise you better in this regard.

2. Untangle hair

How many people have not experienced hair pulling time to make a flat iron? If you are of that usually go through it, we understand perfectly that we refer.

This happens when the board process is done abruptly or hair is very embarrassed when you do it.

In addition to the pain that we feel, this causes a great damage.
The recommendation is around comb properly before pranchar , that in order to avoid us, as they cause the wires to break more easily.
This advice applies to any type of hair, since virtually all usually get embarrassed.



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